Open House Students

Who We Are

International High School at Union Square (IHS-US) is a New York City public school for recently arrived immigrant students who are Multilingual language learners. Our school was founded in 2010 and is a member of the nationally-recognized Internationals Network for Public Schools (INPS) which has member schools in New York, California, Connecticut, Virginia and Utah.

  • We enroll only recently arrived immigrant Multilingual Language Learners who have lived in the United States four years or less.
  • Our students come from over 50 different counties and speak over 25 different native languages.
  • We are a small school with a supportive and collaborative learning environment
  • Our diverse student body shapes our unique multicultural learning environment.
  • Teachers develop students’ Multilingual communication skills through heterogenous groupings and collaborative projects
  • We are a Portfolio school (ELA/Math Regents only)
  • We are in a convenient location in Manhattan close to all trains, jobs and activities


International High School at Union Square has a multicultural student population of recent immigrants, and we see our diversity as an asset.  Our mission is to empower students to thrive in a diverse world by helping them learn to collaborate with others and advocate for themselves.  To accomplish this, we immerse students in real life based, interdisciplinary projects in a supportive, personalized atmosphere.  Students are supported in every class to use English and their home languages to discover new ideas, express opinions and synthesize learning.  Our goal is for graduates to identify as global citizens with both rights and responsibilities in the world.

Demographics & Diversity

Our students are from 44 different countries (Fall 2022):

Chart showing students from 44 different countries.

Our students speak 27 different languages (Fall 2022):

Chart showing languages that students speak.











School Services

  • English Classes
  • Professional Internships
  • Small Advisory Groups
  • College Office
  • Job assistance
  • Bilingual Social Workers and Counseling
  • Caring, family-like environment
  • Computer science